New physician assistant joins Canton-Potsdam Hospital pain management team

POTSDAM — Ricardo Baez, PA, has joined the pain management group with St. Lawrence Health’s Canton-Potsdam Hospital.

His office is situated at the Helen Snell Cheel Medical Campus, 49 Lawrence Ave.

Baez procured his degree through the CUNY Harlem Hospital Physician Assistant Program, Chandler Pain Management New York. He is ensured in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, and Basic Cardiac Life Support.

He comes to Canton-Potsdam Hospital with experience in treating pain management patients, and utilizes a full scope of modalities which incorporate clinical and procedural management of ongoing pain.

As an Arizona pain management doctor associate, Baez looks at his patients to decide the reason for their distress, and foster a treatment intend to limit the impacts of the pain that permits them to continue however much normal action as could reasonably be expected.

Research center or imaging studies might be prescribed to additionally assess the reason for a patient’s pain. He may arrange physical or word related treatment for his patients who have continuous distress, shortcoming, de-molding, and different components that add to their pain. Ultrasound-guided trigger point infusions, the utilization of TENS triggers, and other elective systems might be suggested.

Baez noted he is amped up for working with St. Lawrence Health, and was attracted to the local area partially by the responsibility and sympathy showed by Lai Kuang, MD, whom he will be working close by.

“During my meeting cycle, I was offered the chance to see Dr. Kuang perform three Interventional pain techniques. While noticing the mediations, I accepted his energy for medication, care, and worry for his patients, and his delicate attitude towards his staff. I quickly related to these properties, as they are my particular methodology in aiding pain management patients,” Baez said.

He has additionally seen how individuals from the Potsdam people group are inviting, welcoming, and obliging.

“I have a solid obligation to local area,” Baez said. “I gained from my mom that people around us help to make local area, and it’s that local area which helps us during critical crossroads or emergencies.

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have seen how all people on call, among different ventures of work, joined to defeat the weakening events they confronted. The occasions over the previous year have motivated me to get one individuals whose preparation and capacities might be used later on,” he said.

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